“In a way this can keep me young forever,” says Shira. “I really enjoy not having to grow up.”
The Rock Father™ - A Daddy Blog and Website for Parents and Kids that Rock! (Moms are welcome too!) WHEN YOU’RE A KID …is a five-song, fifteen-minute fireball of family-friendly tunes destined to get the little ones movin’ and groovin.’
Green Spot Blue WHEN YOU’RE A KID…goes by too quickly, but it is a good introduction and a welcome addition to music for kids, with fun songs your kids will enjoy, and based on it, I would expect experiencing Shira & Friends live would be a great time for kids.
  This week I’ve been listening to a preview copy of Shira & Friends new album WHEN YOU’RE A KID…It features four upbeat dancy numbers, and one laid-back lullaby.
Take It From Me We received Shira & Friends: WHEN YOU’RE A KID and have loved jamming out to the 5 original songs.  We have been enjoying each song, so when I asked which song were my girls favorite they both had different answers.
Washington Jewish Week - Online Edition | Rockville, MD The five songs featured on WHEN YOU’RE A KID…talk about a range of kid-related topics including playing outside, dancing, reading a good book and wanting a monster under your bed, an idea thought of by Kobren to alleviate bedtime fear.
WHEN YOU’RE A KID, the newest album from Shira & Friends, is an uplifting and energetic mix of beats and rhythms that will suit your child in any mood whether it’s playtime or bedtime.
Shira Kobren, a performer and music-and-movement teacher, makes a colorful splash on this high-energy recording.